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Governor Kelly Announces $28.5M for High-Speed Internet Infrastructure Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $28.5 million in grants were awarded to 12 entities through the Lasting Infrastructure and Network Connectivity (LINC) program. The LINC program provides strategic funding for crucial aspects of broadband connectivity to reduce the cost of internet service, increase availability, and improve performance. Governor Kelly Announces $5M to Expand Access to High-Speed Internet in Rural Kansas Communities Governor Laura Kelly today announced that $5 million has been awarded to eight internet service providers (ISPs) in the latest round of Broadband Acceleration Grants for 2023. The awards will be paired with an additional $6.6 million in matching funds, resulting in an investment of nearly $12 million for high-speed broadband access projects across 10 rural Kansas counties. Commerce Program Opens Employment Pathway for Justice-Involved Kansans KANSASWORKS, a division of the Kansas Department of Commerce, is taking significant strides to empower justice-involved individuals across the state through the Re-entry Specialized Employment Counseling & Training (ReSpECT)WORKS program. This program provides intensive case management and career navigation for eligible individuals released from the prison system in Kansas. Governor Kelly Proclaims Apprenticeship Week in Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has proclaimed this week, November 12-17, Apprenticeship Week in Kansas. National Apprenticeship Week is an annual event to promote the essential role apprenticeships play in developing a skilled and vibrant workforce here in Kansas. In September 2022, Governor Kelly created the Office of Registered Apprenticeship within the Kansas Department of Commerce to promote the creation of registered apprenticeships as a tool for developing the state’s workforce. View All


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Morton County’s Hope Centers: Bridging the Mental Health Gap and Nurturing Community Well-being

Sep 29, 2023

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For this month’s Spotlighting Prosperity, we are excited to showcase Morton County and the great work they have been doing to help the mental health crisis in their communities.

Mental health is a pervasive issue that touches the lives of everyone, and its complexities make navigation far from straightforward. In Morton County, however, the community members have boldly embraced this challenge, actively working to make a profound impact on those among them who require assistance.

Guided by the Rural Champions program, Alexis O’Hair, the Economic Development Director of Morton County, in collaboration with the appointed Rural Champion, Mike Horton, have embarked on a transformative endeavor. Together, they have established a network of “Hope Centers” located in each community within the county, offering individuals a secure haven in times of need.

The overarching goal of this initiative is to furnish rural community members with access to mental health resources around the clock. These resource locations boast confidential, unmanned spaces where individuals can connect to vital support through telephones with direct hotline connections and 988 Tele-Health services. The primary objective is to provide a nurturing environment that safeguards the privacy of those seeking help, dismantling the prevailing stigma associated with reaching out for assistance in a tight-knit community.

Within these resource locations, a wealth of resources awaits community members, encompassing mental health providers, medical professionals, veteran support services, and drug abuse assistance. In addition to those listed, resources include a wealth of educational materials such as pamphlets featuring contact numbers and web links to various resources, including food banks, clothing banks, the Ministerial Alliance, and AA Groups.

The profound aspiration behind this endeavor is to bridge the gap in waiting times for in-person professional assistance, thereby potentially saving lives among those who, out of fear of judgment, may refrain from seeking help at our emergency facilities. In Morton County, these resource locations symbolize a lifeline, a testament to the community’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of its members. These locations will be opening soon, and we cannot wait to see the difference they will make.

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