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Back to the Cutting Edge

September 13, 2019
Our effort to restore the Department of Commerce involves building capacity and reestablishing successful programs and tools that helped the state facilitate growth and spark investment in key industries for our future. This means getting back to the cutting edge of areas where we were previously invested and leading. During the 1980’s, Kansas began to…

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Coming Back to Life: Kansas Main Street

September 6, 2019
Since the start of Governor Kelly’s administration, you’ve probably heard a lot about revitalization. As we look at the challenges facing Kansas, it’s clear that one of our top goals should be restoring both our image and our self-esteem as a state. This is a big, multifaceted challenge that will involve several areas of state…

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Labor Day 2019

August 30, 2019
Labor Day is a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on the Kansas worker. We know that great companies are fueled by our state’s most valuable asset: Kansans. The thing that separates us from other states is our people. The people here are caring and hardworking, and they value community. We look after each other.…

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Common Sense, Common Ground

August 23, 2019
I want to welcome you to a new medium for me to share my thoughts on current issues and actions we’re taking to grow the Kansas economy. Given the timing of my first post, I wanted to start off with something that is making national headlines and is truly historic: the end to the economic…

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