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Community Development Block Grants

In evaluating existing tools at the Department of Commerce, we identified $6.3 million in CDBG funds that currently reside with 36 Kansas communities, who use them for revolving loan programs for small businesses. Under normal circumstances, the process takes more than 30 days for communities to conduct environmental reviews and issue public notice before a loan can be issued.

We dramatically streamlined the process so these communities can issue working capital loans—the loans most needed by small businesses right now—in as little as two days. The Department of Commerce will provide environmental certifications within 24 hours, and the public notice period has been shortened from 30 days to 24 hours. This means local communities can make revolving loans to rapidly meet the needs of businesses in their communities within days, not weeks or months.

Click here for a list of eligible counties and contact information. Please connect directly with the contacts in your community to learn more about eligibility and the application process.

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