Kansas International Trade Summary

Kansas exports totaled $10.4 billion in 2020. Compared with last year’s data, exports decreased by $1.3 billion, representing a 10.8 percent reduction. On the national level, U.S. exports experienced a 12.9 percent decline during the same period. The ongoing global pandemic and the continued global economic slowdown are the major contributing factors.

The combined value of the top ten exported commodities was $8 billion, which dropped by 11.3 percent since 2019. The largest gains were seen in the ethyl alcohol category, oil seeds category, and cereals category, which increased by $96 million, $65 million, and $46 million respectively. On the contrary, the aircraft and parts category decreased by $617 million, and the special classification provisions category shrunk by $207 million. Such category includes repaired goods and charitable donations.  

In the five-state region, including Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, the average export value was $8.8 billion, and $1.6 billion less than the Sunflower State.

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