Kansas International Trade Summary

Kansas exports totaled $11.6 billion in 2019. Compared with last year’s data, exports increased by $76 million, representing a 0.66 percent increase. On the national level, U.S. exports experienced a 1.35 percent decline during the same period.

The combined value of the top ten exported commodities was $9 billion, which increased by 0.84 percent since 2018. The largest gains were seen in the cereals category, the electric machinery category and the vehicle and parts category, which increased by $92 million, $91 million and $80 million respectively. On the contrary, the meat and edible meat offal category decreased by $110 million, and the aircraft and parts category decreased by $70 million.

In the five-state region which includes Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma, the average export value was $9.4 billion, and $2.3 billion less than the Sunflower State.

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