Kansas International Trade Summary

August 2021 YTD Kansas Export Statistics Summary

During the first eight months of 2021, Kansas exports continued to reflect the strong upward trend the State has been experiencing since emerging from the worst of the pandemic.  In fact, compared with the same eight-month period in 2020, exports grew by $1.54 billion to a total of $8.17 billion.  This represents a greater than 23 percent increase in export values overall.

The top ten exported commodities accounted for over 76 percent of total exports for a combined value of $6.22 billion. The largest gains by unit value were seen in the cereals category, aircraft and parts category, and the meat product category, which increased by $396.51 million, $329.26 million, and $267.84 million respectively.  Interestingly, the largest gains by percentage increase occurred in the beverages, spirits and vinegar category which rose by an enormous 343 percent.  This was due, in no small measure, to the continued demand around the world for greater quantities of sanitizing agents used to combat the spread of the COVID virus.

Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, and Korea also continue to be Kansas’ top export destinations, totaling $1.77 billion, $1.29 billion, $811.48 million, $695.56 million, and $367.69 million respectively.  These five markets account for slightly more than 60 percent of all exports for the period.  And, while Mexico and Canada continue to occupy the top two spots for Kansas exports, China moved up to the third spot.  Overall, the top ten markets accounted for three quarters of total exports from the State.   

The charts below provide a more detailed account of the top ten export markets as well as the top ten commodity classifications exported during the first eight months in 2021.

Kansas Exports Top Ten Markets

RankDescriptionAUG 2021 YTDAUG 2020 YTD%2020-2021 (YTD)
5Republic Of Korea$367,687,081$286,102,28528.52
7United Kingdom$249,281,503$238,330,6274.59
Top 10 Total$6,164,134,586$4,650,494,68132.55
 TOTAL ALL PARTNER COUNTRIES$8,166,608,463$6,627,153,95623.23

Kansas Exports Top Ten Commodity Classifications

RankDescriptionAUG 2021 YTDAUG 2020 YTD%2020-2021 (YTD)
1Aircraft, Spacecraft, And Parts Thereof$1,368,389,544$1,039,128,50231.69
2Meat And Edible Meat Offal$1,305,398,484$1,037,555,24225.81
4Industrial Machinery, Including Computers$773,246,031$632,951,82022.17
5Electric Machinery Etc; Sound Equip; Tv Equip; Pts$627,821,434$544,431,68515.32
6Oil Seeds Etc.; Misc Grain, Seed, Fruit, Plant Etc$394,048,406$368,935,3546.81
7Food Industry Residues & Waste; Prep Animal Feed$224,241,729$180,029,18424.56
8Optic, Photo Etc, Medic Or Surgical Instrments Etc$205,883,848$203,726,3441.06
9Beverages, Spirits And Vinegar$178,543,077$40,320,862342.81
10Special Classification Provisions, Nesoi$169,773,501$270,596,789-37.26
Top 10 Total$6,224,110,437$4,897,934,26427.08
 TOTAL ALL COMMODITIES$8,166,608,463$6,627,153,95623.23

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