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Kansas Tech Hub

This survey is being conducted to help arrange the areas of interest for each stakeholder in the CHIPS Act Regional Technology Innovation Hub program being pursued by Kansas. In it, the term “organization” is used to broadly define any company, university, college, chamber of commerce, high school and other community partners holding an interest in advancing the microelectronics industry in the state. Working groups will be formed based upon the responses received and assignments will be made accordingly. Thank you for your support in advocating on the state’s behalf.

Your primary role for the tech hub:

Allowable Use of Funds

Please select each of the following “allowable use of funds” areas your organization holds an interest in pursuing through the Regional Technology and Innovation Hub described in Sec. 10621 of the CHIPS Act.
Workforce Development
• Establishing the consortium partners • Design & update curriculum • Train the Trainer/Teacher • Procurement of facility & infrastructure (D) • Apprenticeship and Certification development • Job matching and Employer pledges •Scaling what works • Boosting STEM participation of under represented • Counseling and recruiting of CC/High School
Business & Entrepreneur Development
• Expansion of employee-owned businesses • Support of local/regional businesses • Patent filing fees and other IP protections • Accelerators and incubator activities • LRIP low rate initial production • Attracting private investment to the region
Technology Development
• National of economic security • Proof of concept, • Prototyping, • Testing, • Mfg scale-up • Includes Industry-University research
Infrastructure Related
• Building construction costs to include tools and instrumentation an other technologies for: workforce development center, technology development, testing & demonstration, commercialization, incubator & training


Please mark your level of interest in each of these same areas
Which of the following grant funding organizations has your organization been funded under in the past 24 months?