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Kansas Broadband Permitting Resources

Permitting Workshop

Federal Perspective

Federal Perspective: Setting the stage our federal partner will share opportunities to collaborate for solutions and what the resolution process looks like.

101 for Section 106

101 for Section 106: The Historic Preservation Office provides an introduction to Section 106. This guidance from the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended, requires federal agencies take cultural resources into account when planning projects. 

NEPA Overview and Permitting Demo

NEPA Overview and Permitting Demo: Federal NEPA expert shares federal perspective on considerations to be made for National Environmental Policy and demonstrates a newly launched NTIA tool designed to help federal broadband grant recipients and subgrantees identify and understand the types of permits they will need and plan routes for their broadband deployments. Identifying permit requirements early, initiating pre-application coordination with permitting agencies, and avoiding environmental impacts help drive successful infrastructure projects.

Pole Attachments

Pole Attachments: Pole attachments play a pivotal role in broadband infrastructure, yet navigating the intricacies of pole access can be daunting. This session explores the regulatory landscape, technical standards and operational challenges associated with pole attachments, offering practical insights for streamlining the process.

Don’t let your ROW become a WOE

Don’t let your ROW become a WOE: Addressing right-of-way challenges is essential for successful broadband deployment. This session focuses on the complexities of acquiring and managing right-of-way permissions, including legal considerations, negotiation strategies and best practices for overcoming common obstacles.

Common Permitting Practices

Common Permitting Practices: Kansas-based engineering and technology company Bartlett & West share best practices and efficiencies to streamline your permitting plans. Bartlett & West offers deep industry knowledge, creative problem-solving and tools to help your organization plan, design and build projects, all while they connect businesses and communities through innovative technology solutions.

Pre-registration & PFA’s

Pre-registration and PFAs: A quick preview of the upcoming prequalification and project funding areas from KOBD.

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