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Jose Faus

City:Kansas City
Email:[email protected]


I am a muralist with a long history of community engagement. I have painted murals in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and have co-led mural projects in Mexico in the state of Michoacán. I also was a US Cultural Ambassador for a mural project in Santa Cruz Bolivia.

I paint in a variety of styles including narrative murals that convey histories of place. I also do abstract work. I like to engage the community in conversations regarding place, histories, customs, significant contributors to flesh out ideas that resonate and help community members feel ownership in the final project.

Community Activity Information

Can engage with community stakeholders to conceptualize appropriate themes and subject matter. This will also involve preparatory discussions and workshops to help streamline and facilitate familiarity with mural techniques and history of public works. This is a conversation meant to provide community buy-in to a work.

Educational Activity Information

There are many activities that can be programmed around the mural project. One involves working with youth to create smaller versions of the finished project There is also an opportunity for youth or other community and stakeholders to contribute imagery, and ideas to incorporate into the design. Also hands on workshops on material handling are a possibility with the intent of having community partners engage in the project directly as assistants.