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Christopher S. Gulick

Visual Arts

Email:[email protected]


Kinetic Sculptor

Primary Program Description

Available services:

  • Kinetic sculpture exhibits.
  • Kinetic sculpture workshops.
  • General public speaking and educational facility presentations, K-12, High School, Collegiate.

Typical topics include:

  • Life as an artist (ie; education, background, personal evolution ),
  • Kinetic sculpture,
  • Educational service work
  • Work experiences.
Program Fee

NOTE* The following quotes are based on past and hypothetical scenarios. Each situation will be tailored to specific needs of client.

  • Exhibits:
    Range of Fee (within one day travel)= $1,500 to $10,000. Fee dependent on complexity of sculpture inventory and required exhibit time length.
  • Adult Workshops:
    $200-$400 per attendee. Materials included. Up to 3 day workshop, two 3-hour sessions per day.
  • Student workshops:
    Typically the same model as the onsite teacher regarding time frames. Fees similar to “Speaker Only” depending on class size, materials needed and frequency of presentation.
  • Speaker only:
    $500 per day, plus mileage and accommodations if overnight.
Community Activity Information
  • Kinetic Sculpture Exhibits:
    Exhibits can be static or dynamic. “Engagement” is the key. Often, previous Kinetic Sculpture exhibits have been and are built on site within a gallery exhibit space. In lieu of delivering finished works to a gallery, I set up a temporary studio work area. I acquire materials from the region, ranging from detritus to found-gifted items/materials and when absolutely needed, new materials from local businesses. In lieu of an “Opening reception”, there is a soft opening informing the populace that they are welcome to come visit the artist throughout the days/ weeks of exhibit construction. They are encouraged to partake in designing as well as the actual fabrication. At the end of the established “exhibit” calendar, we all have a “Closing” to celebrate “OUR” work accomplished.
  • Kinetic Sculpture Workshops:
    These services, regarding time frame, educational presentation, participant time and financial commitment are a specifically structured version of the above description.
  • Site Specific Sculpture Builds:
    These services are more specific in that the end goal is a specific piece of finished artwork These builds can also include students (K-12, High School, Collegiate) and general citizens to assist in design and fabrication.
  • General Public Speaking:
    Public and educational facility presentations, K-12, High School, Collegiate. Typical topics include; Life as an artist (i.e.; education, background, personal evolution), Kinetic sculpture, Educational service work, Work experiences.

Educational Activity Information

(NOTE* School student presentation is based on same model details of workshop synopsis. Presentation tailored to student body needs. See below)

Workshop Presentation description:
Workshops will study and explore the visual kinetics of sculpture as well as assorted 2-d media.
The symmetrical and asymmetrical composition of positive and negative space involving realms of line, shape, shadow, light and color are the basic focus of the workshop. While host artist’s personal work is grounded in the basics of “mobile” types of kinetic sculpture, these concepts facilitate all realms of visual arts as well as performing arts and even music. Workshop presentations will speak on several relevant aspects of “balance” ranging from the artists experience in automotive, aerospace and telecommunication physical plant construction as well as the past 25 years of kinetic sculpture construction. Building projects will include the design and building of first-draft study maquette size sculpture. These sculptures will include suspended (mobiles), free-standing, bas-relief (projection relief) and/or the combination in mixed-media 2-d work.

*NOTE: 2-D work is part of the study as well, while the VISUAL kinetics of sculpture is the key focus, these concepts also apply to 2-D design as an important aspect of the 2-D design whether it is figurative or non-objective.
These projects are low-tech, simple mechanisms that are predominately hooks, loops, and levered styles of wire and rods. Positive space is executed by use of the sheet metal, plastics and found objects. There are no electronic, automata or robotics included in this presentation. Yet, the principles in these presentations, the project builds and the specific goals of the workshop are indeed relevant basics to the aforementioned.

Materials provided:
Various types and gauges of metal rods and wire, assorted types of sheet metal and sheet plastics, as well as a variety of found objects will be part of the materials inventory. Drawing paper and several drawing materials will be on site.

Tools provided:
Standard hand tools and light cutting tools and drills will be available.

Workshop attendees must provide:
Personal safety glasses or goggles, personal work gloves, full toed shoes (to protect from sharp or falling items) and some sort of light work apron or protective work shirt.

Support Materials