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Kathryn King

Modern Music
Email:[email protected]


Kathryn King is a versatile and multi-talented artist based in Kansas City. As a singer-songwriter, musician, and performer, she’s made her mark in the indie pop/rock scene with her band, known as Kat King. The group is made up of five talented Kansas City musicians, Derek Melies on guitar, Kara LePage on keys, Daniel Cole on drums, John McCain on bass, and King on vocals and guitar.

Her vocals can range from powerhouse to smooth as butter. However, her musical prowess extends far beyond this. Kathryn is also a one-woman show, capable of taking the stage solo and captivating the audience through her mature and lyrical storytelling, cover song expertise and stage banter. She’s been a go-to collaborator for various musical projects in the Kansas City scene, seamlessly jumping between different instruments and lending her skills wherever they’re needed. She’s debuted a number of instruments on stage from drums, lead guitar, to keytar, to name a few.

Outside of live performances Kathryn King is also a skilled songwriter and producer, having crafted catchy jingles for local businesses, comedy shows and podcasts, enhancing their brand identity with her music. With a background in video production, she brings her multimedia expertise to the forefront, creating captivating promotional content that plays a significant role in drawing audiences to her shows and bolstering her band’s success in the music scene. Kathryn King’s unique blend of musical talents and multimedia skills makes her a standout artist in Kansas City, leaving an indelible mark on the local music and entertainment landscape.

Primary Program Description

Kat King offers both solo singer/songwriter performances of original and cover music as well as full band indie pop/rock performances. The full band offers a versatile and exhilarating live performance of polished indie pop gems to emotional ballads, providing a cinematic experience that keeps audiences engaged whether they are moved by the beat or by the storytelling. Kat King solo offers a more intimate, storytelling performance on acoustic guitar.

Program Fee

Kat King full band is in the range of $2000 dependent on sound production, travel, set length and whether there is an educational activity component. Kat King solo is in the range of $500 dependent on set length, travel, and whether there is an educational activity component. Both are open to negotiation.

Educational Activity Information

I can provide songwriting workshops to students, coaching them on the use of metaphor and song structure.

Additional Activity Fee

An educational activity on top of a performance is an extra $150.

Community Activity Information

I will write a song on the spot with the help of the group. This involves asking for a theme, general mood, and opening the floor for lyric suggestions to showcase what the songwriting process can look like. The activity can be recorded on video or audio to later be sent to those that participated.