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Commerce Announces $390,000 in Emergency HEAL Grant Funding Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced more than $390,000 in Emergency Historic Economic Asset Lifeline (E-HEAL) grants has been awarded to five recipients. More than $770,000 private local matching funds will be added to that total, to help bring rural downtown buildings back from likely demolition or collapse – and rehabilitate them back into productive use. Kansas Main Street Selects Eight Rural Communities for New Housing Grant Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland today announced eight inaugural grant recipients of the Residential Opportunities on Main Street (ROOMS) program. A total of eight projects in Designated Kansas Main Street communities are receiving $50,000 each to create a total of 35 new residential units in the upper floors of downtown buildings. Kansas Nonprofits Receive More than $4M in Community Service Program Tax Credits Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $4.1 million in Community Service Program (CSP) Tax Credits have been awarded to support the fundraising efforts of 26 nonprofit organizations across Kansas. These funds will enhance local access to quality childcare, healthcare, education, arts, and housing services. Kansas Earns Gold Shovel Award for Fourth Consecutive Year Governor Laura Kelly announced today that Kansas has garnered Area Development magazine’s coveted Gold Shovel Award for the fourth year in a row. The latest accolade—without precedent in state history—reflects the economic development success the state has experienced under the Kelly administration. View All


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Spencer & Rains

Traditional & Acoustic Music

Email:[email protected]


Spencer & Rains play old time music. Tricia Spencer is a Kansas fiddler who grew up learning the tradition of old-time music from her Grandparents. Howard Rains is a Texas artist and fiddler whose twin obsessions are painting and playing traditional American fiddle music. Together, Spencer & Rains play old time fiddle tunes and sing old songs in the style of their home states while also exploring other American regional styles of fiddling. Both multi-instrumentalists deeply absorbed in traditional music, Howard and Tricia preserve, present, and teach old time music while at the same time making it their own. Not only have they played dances, festivals, and house concerts across the country and across the globe, Spencer & Rains are highly sought after as instructors and love to teach old time music at camps, workshops, and private lessons.

Primary Program Description

Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains perform old time music from Kansas and other parts of the midwest. Both multi-instrumentalists, their performances include fiddles, guitars, banjo-uke, mandolin, sometimes accordion, and always lots of harmony singing. Spencer & Rains are essentially musicologists who have learned their craft from the many generations of family members and mentors who have played music before them and their performances are much about the history and preservation of regional music as they are entertainment.

Program Fee
  • $1,000 for performance, fiddle/guitar workshop, and a showing of their folk art depicting family members and mentors they learned their music from.
  • Travel and lodging compensation if performance or workshop is a distance that requires overnight stay.
Community Activity Information

Tricia and Howard get great joy in playing for parts of the community that might not otherwise be exposed to their own heritage and take any and all opportunities to expose the community at large to this old style of music.

Educational Activity Information

Tricia and Howard’s performances and workshops are as much a lesson in the history of American and midwestern fiddle and folk music as they are musical entertainment. Their performances are filled with personal stories and histories of the music and musicians from Kansas and surrounding states. Their art work depicts these same musicians in their unique, folk art style. To see some of the workshop descriptions Tricia and Howard have done across the country and across the globe click on the links below. Spencer & Rains have taught workshops and classes at the UCLA School of Music, UC Berkeley School of Music, Columbia University, The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, The John C. Campbell Folk School, The Alabama Folk School to name just a few examples.

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