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Commerce Awards Nearly $300,000 for Downtown Improvements in Kearny County The Kansas Department of Commerce today announced that Kearny County has been awarded $296,250 through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for a new coffee and bakery shop. This Commercial Rehabilitation grant, along with $98,750 in local matching funds, will help restore an older building and revitalize downtown Deerfield in Kearny County. Governor Kelly Announces 12 Rural Communities and Organizations to Receive Funding for Mural and Public Art Projects Governor Laura Kelly today announced that 12 communities and organizations will receive a combined $78,800 to allow 20 new murals and public art projects to revive public spaces and engage residents and visitors. Governor Kelly Announces Nearly $4M Awarded through Broadband ADOPT Program Governor Laura Kelly announced today that seven organizations will receive a combined $3.9 million in grants through the Advancing Digital Opportunities to Promote Technology (ADOPT) program. ADOPT supports the Kelly administration’s work to connect more Kansans to high-speed internet by making public Wi-Fi accessible and distributing devices in underserved areas. Governor Kelly Announces Nearly $3M to Improve Digital Literacy in Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $2.8 million is being invested in 15 organizations through the Digital Opportunities to Connect Kansans (DOCK) program. The DOCK grants will improve the digital skills of Kansans who have not yet been able to fully capitalize on the power of the internet. View All


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Wichita Children’s Theatre


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The WCT Touring Company has been performing for the children of Kansas for over 30 years. We are the only live theater that many children ever experience as we take our productions into small Kansas communities across the state. We perform two shows. One geared for Kindergarten – 2nd and one for 3rd -6th. The shows are entertaining and educational in nature.

Primary Program Description

Wichita Children’s Theatre professional touring company tours TWO shows during the 2019-2020 season October through February throughout Kansas, nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas or Colorado. Our touring company travels with complete sets, costumes, props and sound. All you need to do is provide the performance space Each show is geared towards different age groups.

  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff (recommended for Pre-K-2nd Grade)
    This is the story of three sibling goats, Nanny, Billie, and Fred, who realize they have just run OUT OF GRASS in their farmyard! Across the bridge they see a yard full of nice, green, yummy grass. The only problem is, underneath that bridge lives a grumbly, grouchy Troll! The three goats retreat into the barn to make their plans on how to get across the bridge to the new grass. Meanwhile, we meet… the Troll, a friendly, gentle Troll that would never hurt anyone who loves to play but he’s just lonely for someone to play with. After numerous attempts, the three goats return and are determined to get across that bridge. Because the goats are so rude to the Troll, he stops them before they can pass. The Troll helps them understand how important manners are and that it’s not always greener on the other side. There is nothing to fear from the Troll, in fact, they now have a new playmate– and lots of nice, fresh, new grass!
  • Tom Sawyer (recommended for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades)
    Some things NEVER change: Kids will be kids, still trying to get around rules established by their adults. No self-respecting kid can pass up a good adventure. This musical comedy is based on the popular classic novel by Mark Twain. We’ll follow that rascal Tom Sawyer and his friends and foes including Aunt Polly, Huck Finn, Ben Rodgers, Becky Thatcher, Joe Harper, Injun Joe as they whitewash a fence, play hooky, find a cure for warts, attend their own funeral, get lost in a cave, and solve a murder mystery. Sure to be an adventurous hit with your young audiences.
Program Fee
  • $1.500-$2,900 depending on the number of performances and days spent in town
  • Workshops are an additional $100
  • An additional public performance would be a factor in their overall fee.
Community Activity Information

Each location is given the opportunity to have an additional performance for the general public while the touring group is in their location.

Educational Activity Information

Each show performed contains a lesson for the specific age group including audience participation. We also offer theater related workshops for any age group.