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Statewide Virtual Job Fair to Showcase New Opportunities for Jobseekers Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland is encouraging jobseekers and employers searching for new talent to participate in the June Virtual Statewide Job Fair. Hosted by KANSASWORKS, the job fair will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 26. Commerce Announces $390,000 in Emergency HEAL Grant Funding Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced more than $390,000 in Emergency Historic Economic Asset Lifeline (E-HEAL) grants has been awarded to five recipients. More than $770,000 private local matching funds will be added to that total, to help bring rural downtown buildings back from likely demolition or collapse – and rehabilitate them back into productive use. Kansas Main Street Selects Eight Rural Communities for New Housing Grant Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland today announced eight inaugural grant recipients of the Residential Opportunities on Main Street (ROOMS) program. A total of eight projects in Designated Kansas Main Street communities are receiving $50,000 each to create a total of 35 new residential units in the upper floors of downtown buildings. Kansas Nonprofits Receive More than $4M in Community Service Program Tax Credits Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $4.1 million in Community Service Program (CSP) Tax Credits have been awarded to support the fundraising efforts of 26 nonprofit organizations across Kansas. These funds will enhance local access to quality childcare, healthcare, education, arts, and housing services. View All


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With a Twist

Traditional & Acoustic Music
Contact Person:Catherine Hunt (Catherine goes by Ann Hunt)
Email:[email protected]


Ann and Marvin Hunt’s With a Twist performs the best American Music. They draw from the fertile territories of Latin, Exotica, American standards, torch ballads, country, and upbeat jump. Along with their original compositions, they borrow material originating in the 1920s through the 1960s. With a Twist performs songs from artists including Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Billy Holiday, T-Bone Walker, Burt Bacharach and others. Though the range of material is quite diverse, With a Twist passionately integrates their music with humor, love, and their own “twist.”

The Hunts are multi-instrumentalists. Ann plays upright bass/vocals and Marvin plays guitar/vocals. Both artists play other percussion and keyboard instruments. They are joined, at times, by other regional artists. Marvin was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in 2019 and Ann has served as a professor of music education at Washburn University. They manage a very active recording studio and record other regional artists as well as their own material. With a Twist was featured on an AARP national video release in 2021 and regional releases in 2022 and 2023. The Hunt’s recordings have been played on Kansas Public Radio and KCUR in Kansas City.

Primary Program Description

Musical Performance: With a Twist (WAT) can perform ranging from 1 to 3 hours duration. A short break per hour is typical. Their performance can be tailored to a community’s needs. They often include brief and interesting descriptions of the music and the instruments used during performances.

WAT gladly explores any community’s unique interests and customizes programs to match those needs. For example, some communities have requested music from specific decades, styles (e.g., Americana, R & B, Light Jazz) and artists (e.g. Louis Jordan, Julia Lee, Linda Ronstadt). In addition, WAT performs songs they have composed about Kansas, including memories of taking cattle to market, harvesting crops, and enjoying the natural beauty of our state.

Program Fee

$750 to $1250 per performance depending on program duration, equipment requirements or other needs. Extended travel distances may require an additional fee. Overnight accommodations include one hotel room, food, and travel expenses, including mileage and tolls. With a Twist (WAT) can provide a small or moderate sound system and minimal lighting. If a larger sound stage is required, purchaser must provide larger sound and lighting systems.

Educational Activity Information

With a Twist (WAT) can provide workshops based on the Hunts’ experiences with education and performance. WAT offers musical education for children (fun exercises/programing based on developmental levels) and adults. Adult topics include the history of American music, maintaining vocal health, and performance development (creating strong arrangements, songwriting, guitar). We can tailor any of these topics to fit interests, needs, time frames, and methods of delivery.

The Hunts have offered educational programming for the The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Kansas, Washburn University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, many other colleges, community colleges and universities in the United States and at regional and national conferences. Ann Hunt has provided educational workshops on vocal health in Kansas and Connecticut. See Link #3 below for a blog on House Rent Records (our record company) site by Ann about her work with vocal health.

Additional Activity Fee

A one-hour workshop or masterclass is offered at $200. Educational activities and the stated fee are combined with musical performance. If a community only wants a workshop or masterclass, fees will be negotiated according to program requirements. Materials costs may be required, depending on format.

Community Activity Information

With a Twist (WAT) has developed ties to several Kansas communities for fundraisers and other musical events to help build community participation. For these types of activities, WAT has a goal of focusing on rural communities which are hoping to rebuild. These communities have included Eskridge City Park Celebration, Paola Free Library Fundraisers, Lawrence Preschool Fundraiser, Benefit for Ukraine, Community of Concerned Scientists Fundraiser, Toys for Tots Fundraiser, Americana Music Academy Fundraiser, and many others. See Link #4 below for a blog by Marvin on House Rent Records (our record label) site discussing our community support goals.

Supporting Material

Performance Recording