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Yi-Yang Chen

Classical Music
Email:[email protected]


Discover the enchanting world of classical piano with Dr. Yi-Yang Chen, a distinguished solo pianist based in Lawrence, KS. Trained at the Juilliard School and a faculty member at KU since 2021, Chen combines exceptional artistry with a wealth of experience. Critics have praised Chen’s prowess, with the New York Concert Review noting his “sparkling passagework” and “powerhouse performance” during his 2017 solo recital at Carnegie Weill Hall. Chen’s performances have left audiences worldwide spellbound.

With a flair for flamboyant playing, he has graced renowned venues across five continents, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Melbourne Recital Centre, and more. His diverse programs range from classical masterpieces to innovative multimedia performances and new music, often featuring compositions by Pulitzer Prize finalist composers specifically crafted for Chen’s extraordinary talents.

Primary Program Description

At the core of my artistic journey is a commitment to breaking free from tradition. While the piano is my instrument of choice, my work goes beyond the concert hall. I create diverse programs that explore global cultures, or I craft multimedia showcases fusing Western classical music’s elegance with nature’s beauty, emotive videos, and documentary storytelling. Programs may be created or customized for presenters. May hire as a soloist for concerto performances, solo recitals, or educational residencies, presentations, and masterclasses are available. Additionally, I am open to collaborations with classical musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists) and ensembles of all sizes.

Program Fee

*Per Performance (one concerto or a 55-65 minute recital):

  • Range: $2000 – $5000
  • Education Rate for School Concerts (length-dependent): $700 – $2500 *Community Activity:
  • Range: $600 – $900 (Negotiable if scheduled on the same day as the main performance.) *Masterclasses and Educational Presentations:
  • If scheduled on the same date as the concert: $120/hour
  • Standalone Sessions: $200 for 90 minutes, or $300 for a 120-minute session. Fees are negotiable. The final fee is subject to variation based on travel distance and the potential need for overnight accommodations. For venues located more than 90 miles from Lawrence, KS, one hotel room and mileage at the current Federal/State reimbursement rate should be provided. Airfare is preferred if it is further than 5 hours by car. Presenters may schedule multiple concerts within a specific timeframe to streamline travel and expenses for lower fees.
Educational Activity Information
  • Masterclasses in piano or chamber music. • School concerts are tailored to age-appropriate curricula aligned with Kansas State Educational Standards. Educational materials are readily available.
  • Presentation topics cover a wide range from introduction to music to career advice. These engaging workshops and presentations offer valuable insights and educational experiences for a diverse range of audiences. Past workshops include: “Re-Imagining the Piano: Exploring Piano from the Inside”, “Unlocking the Secrets of College Admissions, Including the Coveted Juilliard Admission”, “Crafting Your Music Career: Shaping Your Unique Path” “Breaking the Mold: When Composers Think Outside the Box”, “Musical Evolution: Exploring Goethe’s Erlkönig in Supernatural Depictions” “The Message and Meanings: A Journey into Music Post-1900”
Additional Activity Fee

For all events, it is essential to have access to a well-maintained grand piano, regardless of its size. No upright or electronic pianos unless used for presentations or lectures. Contact the artist for clarifications.

Community Activity Information

A diverse range of community engagement offerings to the table. From delivering insightful pre-concert talks on classical music and the upcoming performance to conducting outreach concerts in retirement centers, hospitals, government venues, and local organizations, I’m dedicated to making classical music accessible to all. These programs are designed to cater to a broad audience, including family-friendly children’s concerts. Furthermore, I am committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that arts and art education are inclusive and accessible.

I’m passionate about introducing classical music to newcomers and am open to tailoring activities to suit the unique needs and preferences of each presenter. Whether it’s workshops, educational talks, or interactive sessions, I am here to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts within our communities.