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Kansas Aviation Tax Credits – Employee Incentives

Beginning July 1, 2022 the state of Kansas now offers qualifying new hires in the aviation sector up to $5,000 per year as a state income tax credit.

How Does the Aviation Tax Credit Work?

This $5,000 state income tax credit can be claimed each year through 2026 – totaling up to $25,000 in value for individuals that meet all requirements. If your state tax liability is less than $5,000 in any given year, the remaining tax credit balance can be carried forward and used in any of the following four tax years in which the tax credit was first allowed. For many people, this could mean they do not owe Kansas income tax for up to nine years.

Who Can Get the Tax Credit?

This income tax credit is available for people who have been hired for a full-time job on or after January 1, 2022, by a Kansas-based employer in the aviation sector. You must also have a degree or technical certificate from a qualified program. The credit is also available to an employee relocating to Kansas with an out-of-state qualifying degree or certificate.

How Can I Get this Tax Credit?

The Kansas Department of Revenue will issue guidance on how you can claim the Kansas Aviation Tax Credit beginning with your 2022 tax filing. If you qualify, you can claim the tax credit on your 2022 state taxes and reduce the taxes you owe by up to $5,000 per year.

How Long Will this Benefit be Available?

The Kansas Aviation Tax Credit is currently authorized for five years from 2022 to 2026. Any remaining unused tax credits can be used in the following four tax years after the credit was issued.