In this section, you will find documents and links related to enrollment in the RESEA program.

RESEA Check List

This document is a check list for the required RESEA documentation.

RESEA UI Eligibility Assessment Questionnaire

This is a required document when enrolled in the RESEA program. Please download, complete, and bring with you to your RESEA appointment.

Weekly Work Search Logs

Use this document to record your required three weekly job search activities. Please download the form, enter the information for each week and save. This document will be required to be submitted in the RESEA program.

What Constitutes Work Search Activity?

This document will assist in understanding what constitutes a job search activity for your weekly job search logs.

Résumé Information Sheet

If you don’t have an existing resume, use this sheet to help you build the structure of a résumé. A résumé is a requirement of the RESEA program.

Labor Market Research Worksheet

This document steps you through doing some basic labor market research. Conducting labor market research is a requirement for the RESEA program. Please complete and bring this document to your appointment.

How to Create a Account

All RESEA enrollees are required to register with Download these instructions to create a account.


Please view this video for an overview of the RESEA program.

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