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In this section, you will find documents and links related to enrollment in the RESEA program.


Please view this video for an overview of the RESEA program.

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RESEA Check List

This document is a check list for the required RESEA documentation.

RESEA UI Eligibility Assessment Questionnaire

This is a required document when enrolled in the RESEA program. Please download, complete, and bring with you to your RESEA appointment.

Weekly Work Search Logs

Use this document to record your required three weekly job search activities. Please download the form, enter the information for each week and save. This document will be required to be submitted in the RESEA program.

What Constitutes Work Search Activity?

This document will assist in understanding what constitutes a job search activity for your weekly job search logs.

Resume Information Sheet

If you don’t have an existing resume, use this sheet to help you build the structure of a résumé. A résumé is a requirement of the RESEA program.

Labor Market Research Worksheet

This document steps you through doing some basic labor market research. Conducting labor market research is a requirement for the RESEA program. Please complete and bring this document to your appointment.

How to Create a Account

All RESEA enrollees are required to register with Download these instructions to create a account.



Who should I contact if I have questions?

For questions contact the local Workforce Center listed on the letter. Claimants can also call 1-877-509-6757 or visit for additional information.

What if I don’t have access to the internet?

Your case manager will work with you to find an alternative appointment method.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

If you are unable to attend the appointment at the scheduled time, contact your case manager and/or call the number your local Workforce Center to reschedule. If you miss your appointment, benefits will/may be suspended until claimant participates and completes services. Claimants who miss two appointments benefits will/may be suspended until claimant participates and completes services.

Is the RESEA program required?

Claimants selected for the RESEA program are required to participate to remain eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

Why was I selected for the RESEA program?

Claimants are selected for these programs based on a number of varying factors. These factors include job tenure, job industry, education level, length of time for claimed benefits, and other similar factors.

What if I’m interested in the program, but I wasn’t selected?

Good news! There are many free resources such as job searching and resume assistance available at You can also call your local workforce center to set up a virtual appointment and speak with a Workforce Professional.

Do all claimants have to create a account and add a resume to get benefits?

The automatic enrollment on fulfills the requirement for claimants to register for work. For RESEA, claimants do need to have an active, up-to-date and professional resume in KANSASWORKS. If you are not an RESEA claimant, having an account is required, but a resume is not.

How will the Kansas Department of Labor inform its claimants?

A letter will be sent to claimants who qualify for this program.

Is RESEA a requirement of the new stimulus package?

No, RESEA was implemented prior to COVID-19. The program was put on hold during the pandemic but has been reinstated after the previous hold expired.

Will creating an account with help claimants receive their benefits faster?

No, it does not speed up the process.

Does every claimant have to go through the RESEA program?

No.  The RESEA program is designed to target individuals who have been identified as more likely to exhaust benefits before obtaining other employment.

Do claimants have to log in weekly to their account?


Is connected to KDOL’s website and/or KDOLS verification software?


How to Create a Account
All RESEA enrollees are required to register with Watch this video and learn how to create a account.

Creating a Resume in
Having an active and up-to-date resume in is a requirement for RESEA enrollees. Watch this video and learn how to create or upload your resume in

Searching for Jobs
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