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Invest in yourself, others and Kansas through the Individual Development Account Program.

Program Purpose and Overview

The Individual Development Account (IDA) Program allows qualified Kansans of low income levels the opportunity to achieve financial self-sufficiency through education and asset development via special savings accounts. Application

The IDA program allows qualified Kansans of higher income levels the opportunity to help others achieve financial independence while receiving a 75% income tax credit for the donation to the program. Donate Here.

IDA program participants must meet income and asset guidelines and complete an online money management course before they can open a special savings account that is eligible for a 2:1 match for every dollar they save. The online course allows Kansans to hone their financial responsibility skills and provides the foundation for future stability and self-sufficiency.

Program participants can use the accrued savings to:
  • Purchase a first home
  • Pay for home repairs
  • Capitalize a small business
  • Pay for college or specialized training

IDA program contributors provide the matching funds for participant savings accounts and are eligible receive a Kansas refundable income tax credit valued at 75% of their contribution amount!

The Kansas Department of Commerce (Commerce) oversees the program and allocates up to $500,000 in state income tax credits each calendar year.

Be an IDA Program Participant

To apply to become an IDA program participant here.

Be an IDA Program Contributor
To apply to become an IDA program contributor and receive a 75% state income tax credit, please click here.

Contact Us

Kathleen Smith ROZ Tax Credit Information Email (785) 296-3081

Rachéll Rowand Program Manager Email (785) 296-3345 LinkedIn

Rose Smyres IDA Program Coordinator 1-877-447-5927 Ext. 702


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