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State Park Revitalization and Investment in Notable Tourism (SPRINT)

During the pandemic some sectors of the Kansas tourism industry experienced increased activity (ex: state parks) while other sectors experienced a decline in activity (ex: museums, performing arts centers, entertainment venues, etc.). While the pandemic highlighted opportunities to grow the tourism sector, investments are needed to revitalize the sector and ensure tourism attractions remain regional economic drivers. This funding opportunity seeks to address the pandemic’s impact and support the tourism industry by funding the development and/or improvement of tourism-focused businesses and tourism agencies. Tourism is a key sector for the Kansas economy and local communities.

The Kansas Department of Commerce is seeking applications from tourism-focused businesses and tourism agencies for impactful capital projects which spur regional economic development.

SPRINT applications can include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure enhancements, capital projects, renovations
  • Construction, engineering and architecture, planning, inspections and environmental assessments
  • Renovation and repair of indoor and outdoor facilities, roads and utility connections adjacent to the project site
  • Development of public land to create a tourism destination
  • Costs associated with recruitment of new permanent and semi-permanent exhibits
  • Application costs for national museum affiliation

SPRINT Awardees 2023

Amelia Earhart Hangar MuseumAtchison $5,000,000
Azura AmphitheaterBonner Springs $1,000,000
Boot Hill DistilleryDodge City $100,000
Children’s Mercy ParkKansas City $5,000,000
Cosmosphere Inc.Hutchinson $700,000
Discover O.P. Overland Park $100,000
Etzanoa Visitor Museum & Immersion CenterArkansas City $500,000
Historic Jayhawk TheatreTopeka $5,000,000
Kansas Department of Wildlife & ParksStatewide $10,000,000
Kansas State Fairgrounds – Capper and Fountain House ProjectsHutchinson $450,000
Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage MuseumLindsborg $250,000
Original Pony Express Home Station IncMarysville $100,000
Prairie Hill Vineyard LLCColwich $100,000
The Brown MansionCoffeyville $100,000
The Kansas African American Museum and Cultural CenterWichita $1,000,000
Wareham Hall (The Wareham Opera House)Manhattan $250,000
Wichita Art MuseumWichita $250,000
Wilson Czech Opera House CorporationWilson $100,000

How does it work?

Informational webinars will be available to the public, with SPRINT’s webinar beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 2

Eligible SPRINT applicants include:

  • Kansas state parks
  • DMO
  • Counties and local units of government
  • Museums
  • Conference centers
  • Performing arts centers
  • Entertainment venues
  • Other tourism-focused businesses and tourism agencies.

Program Schedule

January 30, 2023 – Notice of Funding Opportunity Announced & Application Guidance Issued
March 14, 2023 – Application Submission Deadline
No earlier than April 3, 2023 – Estimated Notice of Awards
July 1, 2022 – April 30, 2025 – Period of performance (No-cost extensions will be approved on a case-by-case basis)

SPRINT Program Description

Submission of Documentation

Use the following link to submit all documents

Eligible to apply

Eligible applicants are tourism-focused businesses and tourism agencies including, but are not limited to, Kansas state parks, Convention and Visitor Bureaus, museums, conference centers, performing arts centers, entertainment venues, and other tourism-focused businesses and tourism agencies. City and county entities may apply for government owned tourism locations, but city and county parks are not eligible for SPRINT funding. If the applying entity desires to build multiple sites, each physical location must submit a complete application package. Each eligible organization may apply for up to a total of $10,000,000 to expend on eligible costs. Applications should be submitted for no less than $500,000.
Awarded recipients will be required to report quarterly on the progress of the project, as well as allocated and matching fund expenditures, both current and cumulative. Recipients are accountable for meeting milestones presented in their Grant Administration Plan (GAP). In addition, all reporting must be current in order to receive subsequent grant disbursements. Quarterly reports must include invoices and proof of payment of allocated and matching funds. Failure to provide accurate and timely reports may result in repayment.

Eligible activities

Investments that provide an improvement (such as additional capacity), new features, new exhibits or other benefits aimed to increase site tourism and related economic activity, these activities include but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure enhancements, capital projects, renovations
  • Renovation and repair of indoor and outdoor facilities, roads, and utility connections adjacent to the project site
  • Construction, engineering and architecture, planning, inspections, and environmental assessments
  • Development of public land to create a tourism destination
  • Costs associated with recruitment of new permanent and semi-permanent exhibits
  • Application costs for national museum affiliation
Ineligible activities

Salaries and grant administration costs are not eligible. No project may undermine any public health effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and all expenditures will comply with applicable provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and any relevant Kansas state law. Grant funds may not be used for debt service, to replenish financial reserves, for financial restructuring, nor may it be used to satisfy an obligation arising from a judicial settlement or judgement. The U.S. Department of the Treasury Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Award Terms and Conditions are applicable to this award.

Program Objectives

• Increased tourism related economic activity as a result of investments
• Development of new tourism attractions to spur regional economic development.
• Improvement/enhancement/modernization of existing tourism facilities
• Projects are fully completed within the 24-month period of performance
• Projects are able to be sustained and maintained in the absence of

Disbursement Method

Awardees will be provided with no more than 50% of their award disbursement following the execution of an Award Agreement. The remaining disbursement(s) will be provided following the acceptance of two quarterly progress reports and 10% of the grant funds have been expended, along with any other necessary conditions provided in the Award Agreement.

Program Period

The period of performance is July 1, 2022 – April 30, 2025, and eligible costs will only be allowed within this time period. No-cost extensions will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Matching Funds

No matching funds are required for this program.

Changes in Scope

Once a grant agreement is issued, recipients are prohibited from changing the scope of the funded project without prior approval. Recipients shall not modify projects and/or incur costs associated with any modifications without first receiving written approval from KDC. Any request for a change in scope must abide by the project objectives/measurable impact proposed in the grant application and accompany a quarterly progress report, subject to review by KDC. Moving forward on a modification (change in scope) without approval will result in the Recipient being out of compliance with the terms of the grant agreement.

Application Checklist

Organization type:

  • Kansas state parks
  • Museum
  • Conference center
  • Performing arts center
  • Entertainment venue
  • Other tourism-focused businesses and tourism agencies
  • Award amount requested (Dollar amount)
  • Property name and address
  • Property owner and contact information
  • Project manager and contact information
  • entity registration and UEI number
  • FEIN

Project description and scope
Projects can be renovation or new construction. Include the current condition or use of the property, as well as the intended use. Please include demographic information related to employees and visitors anticipated to be served by the capital project. Other information can include market studies and debt financing commitments.

Project funding need
Provide reasoning as to why the grant is being requested and what other sources and amounts of funding have been pursued for this project. Include any pending funds or funds that are to be applied for in the next 12 months. Also include the impact of the project compared to the need of the community.

Project budget and narrative
Provide a detailed budget with expected expenditures required for the success of the project. You can also include owner equity & other 3rd party equity contributions and total development cost, as well as any local incentives provided.

Project timeline
Provide details on the timeframe for completion of the project with the funds awarded. All projects must be completed by April 30, 2025.

Project bids and estimates
Attach any bids or estimates you have received for your Project. Please attach any architectural or engineering reports that are relevant for your Project.

Project photos
Attach any relevant photographs of the proposed project site.

Project five-year expense and proforma
Provide expenses and incomes for the five years of the project following the completion of the use of all granted funds.

Three letters of support
Letters of support should come from local or county governments, community foundations, or other interested parties.

IRS Form W-9

Risk assessment questions

Compliance Resource Library
Sample Application
Scoring Matrix
Project Description & Scope 10 pointsNeed for Funding 10 pointsComplete Budget & Narrative 10 points
Project Timeline 10 pointsBids & Estimates 15 pointsFive-Year Expense & Pro Forma 10 points
Letters of Support 10 pointsCatalytic Impact 25 points 
W-9 Form

Jonathan Clayton, Director of Economic Recovery


[email protected]

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