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SEG Media Collective March 2019

Mar 07, 2019

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Minority & Women Business Spotlight



Email: [email protected]

Business Contact Number:  (540) 815-4402

Business Address: 923 Westport Place, Suite 130D Manhattan, KS


Social Media:

SEG Media with Kareem


Primary Business Activity: Marketing

Number of Employees (including owner): Three

How long have you been in business? Three years

What is your business philosophy/mission statement?  Ideas Inspire Change. Our mission to is to create a positive change in our client’s businesses through strategic marketing and training.


Owner’s Name:  Sheila Ellis-Glasper

What is your background? Journalist/small business owner and social media manager for K-State – small business development center digital media consultant

What inspired you to start your business? We love small business and what better way to show our love for small business than to help them to grow? I’m inspired by the many black female entrepreneurs who are self made and made something out of nothing. Who beat the odds and created their own success.

SEG Media Community


What do you like about doing business in Kansas? Kansas is my home. Being able to help our clients win is a win for us and a win ultimately for our community.

What sets your business apart from your competitors? Social media management / competitive pricing / ability to take small and large projects at affordable pricing

How is your business involved in your community? We give back to various organizations and participate regularly with the chamber of commerce and one million cups


Why should your business be included in the minority & women business spotlight? We have worked very hard to build our company and an opportunity like this would be an amazing reward for us to get recognition and help spread awareness of our services.

What was the biggest “win” in your business’ history? SEG MEDIA COLLECTIVE

What’s one valuable lesson you’ve learned that you would share with other business owners? Know your worth and stay true to who you are.

Tell us an interesting and fun fact about your business. Our owner had the opportunity to interview NBA legend, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Bringing food to a brainstorm meeting is always extra motivation to come up with awesome ideas!

SEG Media Presentation