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The science of living things such as human, animal and plants, has long been a strong field for Kansas. From the University of Kansas’ nationally recognized drug discovery and development enterprise, to the state’s historical agricultural leadership, to the selection of Kansas as home to the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, the bioscience industry is growing.

We Grow Business

Kansas is home to industry leaders and more than 16,000 people employed in the biosciences. Working with our partners statewide, we offer comprehensive support for world-class research, commercialization and business expansion.

Key Sectors

Our state seeks to advance new technologies, support innovative research, create new jobs and further advance Kansas’ leadership in several key bioscience sectors. The state invests in companies and universities working in sectors where Kansas has established leadership and expertise, and the resources needed to benefit from new opportunities:

Animal Health

The animal health sector involves the production, marketing and use of domestic animals in agriculture, entertainment and companionship. Kansas is part of the renowned Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, home to one-third of the world’s animal health industry. Kansas seeks to leverage these strengths by attracting new animal health companies and expanding existing ones, encouraging research collaborations that will lead to novel products, and growing the foreign animal disease expertise that led to Kansas’ selection for National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, which will protect our nation’s food supply.

This sector encompasses work to safeguard and improve health with new drugs, therapies and medical devices. Kansas’ robust human health sector — including basic research, drug and device innovation and outstanding clinical care — provides benefits to Kansans and others worldwide. Clinical research for human health is a major emphasis for our state as Kansas is part of a bi-state region that ranks in the top five nationally for its concentration of clinical research firms. Kansas looks to work with companies that can bring drugs and devices to market faster and less expensively than traditional methods; provide new ways to diagnose disease; and attract a growing share of the federal government’s research investment.


Work in this sector focuses on creating fuel and chemicals out of biological material, often plant matter such as corn or switchgrass. Bioenergy products are easier on the environment and can help wean our nation from oil dependency. In this sector, Kansas hopes to develop the supply chain of feedstocks for bioenergy production and drive collaborations that will lead to new businesses and products.

Ag & Bio-Based Products

Kansas is known for its strong agricultural sector. Agriculture and products derived from crops will continue to play a key role in the state’s economy, particularly in rural communities. These industries have a global reach, too — Kansas’ agricultural roots prime the state for advances in plant biology to help feed and clothe the world.

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