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Statewide Virtual Job Fair to Showcase New Opportunities for Jobseekers Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland is encouraging jobseekers and employers searching for new talent to participate in the June Virtual Statewide Job Fair. Hosted by KANSASWORKS, the job fair will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 26. Commerce Announces $390,000 in Emergency HEAL Grant Funding Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced more than $390,000 in Emergency Historic Economic Asset Lifeline (E-HEAL) grants has been awarded to five recipients. More than $770,000 private local matching funds will be added to that total, to help bring rural downtown buildings back from likely demolition or collapse – and rehabilitate them back into productive use. Kansas Main Street Selects Eight Rural Communities for New Housing Grant Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland today announced eight inaugural grant recipients of the Residential Opportunities on Main Street (ROOMS) program. A total of eight projects in Designated Kansas Main Street communities are receiving $50,000 each to create a total of 35 new residential units in the upper floors of downtown buildings. Kansas Nonprofits Receive More than $4M in Community Service Program Tax Credits Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $4.1 million in Community Service Program (CSP) Tax Credits have been awarded to support the fundraising efforts of 26 nonprofit organizations across Kansas. These funds will enhance local access to quality childcare, healthcare, education, arts, and housing services. View All


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Annie Wilson

Traditional & Acoustic Music
Email:[email protected]


ANNIE WILSON is an educator, rancher, and singer-songwriter focusing on celebrating the landscape and people of the Kansas Flint Hills. In 2013 the State of Kansas named Annie the “Flint Hills Balladeer” for her songs about the region. She has recorded 86 of her original songs in the 6-volume “Songs of Flint Hills” CD series recorded by her band TALLGRASS EXPRESS (see their Description and Info also in this Kansas Touring Roster).

Author Jim Hoy says Annie “describes the beauty of the Flint Hills” in “words and melodies that embody the landscape and bring the tallgrass prairie to life.” Her songs can bring a chuckle or a tear, and take listeners to a world of stunning landscapes, skilled cowboys and spunky cowgirls, western romance and humor, runaway horses, Native Americans, old trail days, and lovely prairie walks among native wildlife, grasses and wildflowers.

Annie has been a winner ten times in the Walnut Valley Festival’s national Songwriters’ Contest, and she has a weekly column “Songs of the Flint Hills” in a number of newspapers in the region. Her “Trail to Santa Fe” was adopted as the Official Song of the national Santa Fe Trail Association.

Annie’s commitment to the region was evident when she received the “Friend of the Flint Hills” award from the Flint Hills Discovery Center for her work coordinating the Flint Hills Map & Education Program adopted by 283 schools.

Annie says, “I feel incredibly lucky to live amidst the splendor and wide-open spaces of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie. Through my music, I hope to celebrate this beautiful land and its remarkable people.” Finally, Annie is committed to community music, and since 2015 she has been Coordinator of the Emma Chase Friday Night Music jam sessions in Cottonwood Falls (on the Kansas Dept of Travel & Tourism “Bucket List”). Over the years, thousands of musicians and listeners have joined together to enjoy homemade music in these sessions which entertain audiences, help musicians develop their skills, and build local community.

Primary Program Description

CONCERTS: “Celebrating the Flint Hills in Song” or “Celebrating Kansas in Song”

With her wide variety of original songs, Annie can tailor concerts to fit the audience. She can present songs on a wide variety of topics or can focus in on subjects of special interest to the group. Her song themes including ranch life, rural communities and customs, farm/ranch wives, children, cowboys and cowgirls, cattle, horses, Native Americans – past and present, land stewardship, nature, wildlife, prairie plants, trees, animals, birds, geology, weather, pioneers and early settlers, local legends and heroes. Program can be more Flint Hills-specific, or generally about rural Kansas.

Note: If desired, concerts may include a few brief slideshow/videos of her songs, in which she has added photographs to illustrate the lyrics; for example, “Wildflower Reunion” video includes photos and names of 24 Flint Hills wildflowers, “Margie Roberts – Trick Rider” has photos of amazing horseback tricks, “Coyote Serenade” has many striking photos of coyotes. (Projector and screen need to be provided.)

Program Fee

$400 – $550 – depending on length of program and sound system requirements. Travel expense needed for programs further than 75 miles from Elmdale, KS. Lodging expense needed if overnight stay is required.

Educational Activity Information

Two Educational Programs are available:

(1) Artist Talk/Workshop:

  • “What is Regional Music”? Explore the concept of music that is place-based and celebrates the region in which it is played. What sorts of topics and stories can be featured in regional songs?
  • What makes your region special?
  • Do you know of any songs about your region?
  • Could you write new songs about your region? What would they be about?

(2) Artist Talk/Workshop:

  • “Ten Steps to Writing a Song” Discussing five prewriting steps, use of poetic tools, narration technique, the parts of a song, editing, and adding melody/music.
Additional Activity Fee

Additional Activity Fee – $100-$150 for additional one-hour program depending on size of audience

Community Activity Information

With her long experience as Coordinator of the Emma Chase Friday Night Music, Annie would be glad to lead a community Jam Sessions (and/or Open Mic Sessions) if there are interested musicians in the area. She would review norms of Jam Etiquette, and then conduct the Jam Session / Open Mic.