Tallgrass Artist Residency

Creating connection and conversation around arts in the prairie

Peter Jasso, Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission Director

(785) 296-2178


The Tallgrass Artist Residency is a partnership between the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, the Center for Living Education at Matfield Green and the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University.

The Tallgrass Artist Residency invites nine (9) artists and/or artist teams to participate in two-week residency periods in the Flint Hills of Kansas between May and September each year.

2020 Artists

Cheyla Clawson
Will Metcalf
Dora Agbas
Bryce Lafferty
Elizabeth Foster Comninellis
Kateri Kosek
Lydia Cheshewalla
Sean Nash
Ruth Borem-Loveland

Who Qualifies

  • Applicants must currently live in a place that is ecologically considered prairie (though it may be paved and urbanized)
  • Ideal applicants will have a strong body of work with a voice that reflects the artist’s own community, a dedication to place and an interest in participating in a contemporary dialogue
  • Individuals from all backgrounds and career levels, media and practice are welcome to apply

Application Period

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