Kansas Angel Investor Tax Credit Program

“The KAITC Program is administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDC) and designed to bring together accredited angel investors with qualified Kansas companies seeking early stage investment. The “Kansas Angels” program helps provide access to capital for Kansas start-ups.”

“The Angel program exists to support small start-up businesses […] we hope it will encourage more start-ups to apply and make it easier for Kansans to invest in promising new businesses.”

Lieutenant Governor / Secretary of Commerce David Toland

Reminder! – Final Day for KAITC 2021 documents, registrations,
transfers, and registration payments is November 15, 2021

The Kansas Angel Investor Tax Credit program is undergoing a major data migration and database update.

In order to complete this process, the database will be down in December and will not be able to accept any Angel Tax Credit issuance documents or investor registrations and payments after
11/15/2021. This is a hard deadline, so please make arrangements now to submit documents.
In addition, we cannot accept Angel Tax Credit transfer requests made after 11/15/2021. Our office will resume accepting Angel Investor Tax Credit Transfers on 2/1/2022.
The KAITC database will be offline beginning 11/15/2021. Please ensure all documents, registrations and payments are sent to the Commerce staff by November 15, 2021.

Action items:

  1. Be sure your investors understand the importance of timely registration. We will be unable to process any late submissions, NO exceptions as the database will be offline.
  2. Make sure all your documents are sent to Wendi by 11/15/2021. Anything sent after
    11/15/2021 will not be accepted.
  3. If you have people investing through anything other than a personal account, all their supporting documents on the permitted entity must be sent in by 11/15/2021. If the investment is made through an LLC, S Corp, etc. all the documents will need to be sent to us by the
    11/15/2021 deadline.
    a. As a reminder the documents required for non-natural person, Permitted Entity investments include:
    • Copy of the LLC’s, partnership’s, etc. operating agreement stating the sole purpose is to invest in other entities
    • Copy of the capitalization table – all members should be accredited angel investors, and all should be able to receive tax credits, or the credits will not be issued to any of the members.
    • Copy of each member’s initial investment into the LLC, partnership, etc.
    • Copy of the check or wire from the LLC, partnership, etc. into the qualified company
    • Copy of the agreement between the qualified company and the LLC, partnership, etc.

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