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Wagner Peyser’s Monitor Advocate System

For over 40 years, outreach workers and Monitor Advocates have provided important support to U.S. agricultural workers and employers throughout America. The Monitor Advocate System is a federal/state monitoring system that ensures migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFW) have equitable access to career services, skill development, and workforce protections offered by American Job Centers and though KansasWorks, so they may improve their living and working conditions.

This is an interactive page for the Kansas Department of Commerce’s State Monitor Advocate (SMA) and migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFWs) who may be traveling to or through the state.  Every state’s SMA is charged with monitoring state employment and training services to MSFWs and advocating on their behalf.  Advocacy includes providing information about available services, resources, or rights in case of an employment related complaint.

Traveling in Kansas

While in Kansas dial 511 to get up-to-date information about road conditions, construction detours, and weather information for the Kansas turnpike and any Interstate, US, or state highway in Kansas and Nebraska.  You can reach Kansas 511 from anywhere in the U.S. or Puerto Rico by calling 1-866-511-KDOT (5368) or if dialing 511 doesn’t work from your phone.

The 511 information is also available on the KanDrive website.  Information specifically for mobile devices about construction and weather conditions can be found on the 511 Traveler Information page.

Find interesting places, restaurants, and sites in Kansas at the Kansas Travel, Tourism & Restaurants page found at  Examples of things to find: the best burgers in Kansas, BBQ in Kansas City, waterfalls in Kansas, and more.

Employment and Training is the state job bank.  Information is available without registration.  Registration is encouraged in order to receive the full range of  services available through the Kansas workforce system; a link to all Workforce Centers is included for your information. 

Kansas Programs & Agencies

Several agencies in Kansas provide services to agricultural Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers.  Each organization or program has a  page which provides information and how they can be contacted.

Please hover over this main tab for a drop down menu.  Mobile users, links to the pages are included below.  Most programs will have Spanish and/or Low German staff to assist.

Filing Complaints

How to File a Complaint About Workplace Law Violations

This page contains links to four (4) separate complaint forms: one for filing a complaint to the Kansas Department of Commerce or the USDOL Employment and Training Administration; the second and third are the Kansas Department of Labor Division of Employment Standards Claim for Wages in English and Spanish; and the fourth is for filing discrimination complaints.

Employment Related & H-2A Complaints

The USDOL One Stop Career Center Complaint/Referral Record (ETA 8429) is downloadable from this site.   Please use this form for filing general complaints against an employer; the workforce center; or if your claim is connected to an H-2A or Interstate Clearance Order.  The Form 8429 may be completed online but must be printed for further action.  Please click this link for the form:  Fillable ETA 8429.

Claims for Unpaid Wages

Complaints of unpaid wages are normally made to the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) Employment Standards. Information about the wage claim process can be found here.  The Claim for Wages form for is available as a download from this website in both English (K-ESLR 105) and Spanish (K-ESLR 106).  These forms are fillable online but must be printed and submitted to KDOL; there is no electronic submission.

Wage complaints covered under federal labor laws may need to be filed with the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD).  Information on how to file complaints directly with WHD is found on their How To File a Complaint page.

Discrimination Complaints

Please use the DL 1-2014A EO Complaint Form 2014 if you believe you are the victim of discrimination.  It can be completed online but must be printed and submitted.  More information about discrimination complaints can be found on the USDOL Civil Right Center webpage.

Any of the completed complaint forms listed above may be filed at the nearest Workforce Center in Kansas 

Information for Employers

Please see the following link for information employers need to know to comply with the US Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act.

Wage and Hours Worked: Worker Protections in Agriculture.

USDOJ logo compressed

The following is a link to a February 2015 information flyer by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices on “How Employers Can Avoid Discrimination in the Form I-9 and E-Verify Processes.”


USCIS logo

The USCIS Handbook for Employers provides guidance for completing form I-9.


Wendy Inzunza, MSFW Monitor/Advocate


[email protected]