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Proof of Concept Fund

Spurring innovation and commercialization by supporting entrepreneurs

The Kansas Office of Innovation Proof of Concept Fund exists to cultivate and support innovation in Kansas. Through the POC companies with advanced, innovative technology can find resources to help them expand, creating additional revenue and new jobs in Kansas. POC opportunities are designed to further research, spur commercialization and assist entrepreneurs in raising funds to expand their businesses.

Proof of Concept Program targets a funding gap that impedes the progression of technology from research to the marketplace.

The purpose is to enable promising technology to advance to a stage where it is capable of attracting licensees, seed investment, or generating revenues. This unique funding opportunity is offered through a convertible note agreement.

Applications Now Open

Past Proof of Concept Awardees

FYApplicantCompanyAwardMBERuralCityPOC TypeUniversity/ Partner
2022William CareyArc Technology$25,000 n/aWhitewaterFor Profitn/a
2022Mike DresherJogAlong Stroller$25,000 n/aWichitaFor Profitn/a
2022Nicholas LoveLove Lifesciences$25,000 n/aOverland ParkFor Profitn/a
2022Eliot ArnoldMoodSparl/Telememory$25,000 n/aKansas CityFor Profitn/a
2022Chris DavisThe MEDAviewer$25,000 n/aOverland ParkFor Profitn/a
2022Tom HollandSmartGunz$25,000 n/aBaldwin CityFor Profitn/a
2022Thomas H. Faerber MD, DDSPACD System, LLC$25,000 n/aOverland ParkFor Profitn/a
2022Michele ValadezAnonymous Tech LLC$25,000 MBEWichitaFor Profitn/a
2022William L Walls IIINORDEF$25,000 n/aShawneeFor Profitn/a
2022Merrie K. EastNozePax$25,000 MBEWichitaFor Profitn/a
2022Jacob O’Conner, Jon PetersonPlayer Card, Inc.$21,000 n/aWichitaFor Profitn/a
2022Mathew Young, Tare TorresNutic, LLC$25,000 n/aKansas CityFor Profitn/a
2022Rye KennedyTacit Technologies$25,000 n/aWichitaFor Profitn/a
2022David Thorne, Dr. Paul Peloquin, Bryant Hernandez, Elliot HarrisThumbscore$25,000 n/aWichitaFor Profitn/a
2022Richard SackFiber Guidance$23,000 n/aWichitaFaculty LedWichita State University
2022Joel WhiteSplint$12,000 n/aWichitaFaculty LedWichita State University
2022Eylem AsmatuluBioscaffold$25,000 n/aWichitaFaculty LedWichita State University
2023Blake Chance Agri-Tour 360 $20,000 RuralMayettaFor Profitn/a
2023Joshua OkorieKodion Consulting LLC$25,000 MBEWichitaFor Profitn/a
2023Dennis SteinmanPlainscraft LLC$25,000 n/aTopekaFor Profitn/a
2023Dane ChristensenFreshlink, Co. $25,000 n/aLawrenceFor Profitn/a
2023Rochelle BomanAST Genetics LLC$24,760 Topeka
2023Dr. Harsha Moole, MDFindMyDirectDoctor LLC$25,000 MBERuralHays
2023Troy PalmerMidwest Hemp Technology, LLC$25,000 Augusta


What makes an Innovator?

-Inventing the Microchip-
As a new employee Kilby had accrued no vacation so he worked alone in the lab while the plant was shut down for vacations in July. It was during this time that Kilby conceived and built the first electronic circuit. On September 12, 1958, he demonstrated his new invention, the integrated circuit or microchip, which he patented February 6, 1959. In his patent application Kilby described his new device as “a body of semiconductor material … wherein all the components of the electronic circuit are completely integrated.” – The Kansas Historical Society

Kansas Historical Society Pictures provided by Texas Instruments


What makes an Innovator?

-Bringing the Universe to Kansas-
“What makes Patty Carey tick,” he said, “is an above average intelligence, an insatiable curiosity and an unbounded enthusiasm. When you couple those with the ability to dream of what might be, and dogged determination not to be sidetracked, you have the ingredients that make a successful fundraiser. It’s harder to say no when the salesman is smarter than you are.“- Peter Macdonald Hutchinson, KS

-Cosmosphere, Hutchinson, KS,


Brandon Hutton, Director of Advanced Technology

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