CDBG Annual Competitive Grants


Ginny Eardley, Program Consultant

(785) 296-3610

Annual Competitive Grant projects include, but are not limited to, water and sewer improvements, fire protection, bridges, community and senior centers, demolition, streets, architectural barrier removal, natural gas systems, electrical systems, public service activities, and nonprofit entities. These grants also apply to housing projects, which include rehabilitation of owner and renter-occupied residences. 

Annual Competitive Grants are awarded once a year on a competitive basis and are available in three (3) categories: Water & Sewer, Housing Rehabilitation and Community Facilities.

Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer grant applications are reviewed annually. The maximum grant is $2,000 per beneficiary. 

Housing Rehabilitation

Eligible activities for Housing grants include home rehabilitation, demolition, neighborhood development, and home-based business rehabilitation. All homeowner households receiving assistance must meet LMI guidelines. Rental rehabilitation may include existing rental housing or the conversion of existing non-housing structures to new housing. 

Before a community considers a housing grants they MUST complete a Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) to determine their needs and are encouraged to attend a Housing Interagency Advisory Committee meeting. The maximum grant amount for housing is $300,000 and neighborhood development is $500,000.

For questions about Housing grants, please contact: 

Linda Hunsicker
(785) 215-4484 

Community Facilities

Community Facilities grants include all projects except for Housing and Water & Sewer. This category includes streets, senior centers, community centers, bridges, fire trucks/station, sidewalks, etc. The maximum award is $700,000 with a funding ceiling of $2,000 per beneficiary.

Applications accepted through Nov. 3, 2020

*If you are having difficulty with submitting the application online, please email

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