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A team of professionals are ready to help small, Kansas businesses enter the export market or grow existing export opportunities.

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In order to help Kansas small businesses to establish direct contact with foreign buyers and distributors, form resource networks, and gain firsthand knowledge of market opportunities and business environment, the Kansas Department of Commerce offers many helpful programs.


The Kansas International Trade Show Assistance Program (KITSAP) helps introduce Kansas companies to foreign markets through participation in international trade shows.

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Certificate of Free Sale

Document required in certain countries or for certain commodities (such as food products, ingredients), certifying that the specified imported goods are normally and freely sold in the exporting country's open markets and are approved for export.

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International Credit Reports

An up-to-date credit report from a leading worldwide supplier of credit ratings could very well be the key piece of information you need.

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State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) Grant

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) grant helps Kansas non-exporters to get started and existing exporters to export more.

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