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Governor Kelly Announces $14M Capital Investment Creating 110 Jobs in Wellington Governor Laura Kelly announced today that Elite Harness is investing $14 million, creating 110 new jobs, in Wellington. Elite Harness will refurbish an existing facility into a 50,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Commerce Announces $4.1M Available in Tax Credits Program Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced $4.1 million in tax credits once again will be made available under the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Service Tax Credit Program (CSP). Commerce Grants Available for Rural Mural and Public Art Projects The Kansas Department of Commerce today announced a total of $75,000 is available for a new round of Rural Mural and Public Art program funding. The program helps rural communities design engaging new art that improves the local aesthetic – making the community more appealing not only for those who live there but for potential new businesses and residents as well. Kansas awarded nearly $1 million from USDA to assist with rural digital divide The Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD) has been awarded nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service through its new Broadband Technical Assistance (BTA) grant program. The $997,000 grant will fund pre-engineering design studies in six rural Kansas counties to help reduce costs and identify avoidable barriers as broadband is deployed there. View All


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Workforce Services for Employers

Growing talent and your bottom line


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In Kansas, we know that access to a qualified, trained and educated workforce is central to a company’s success. The Department of Commerce has a number of programs, services and incentives available for employers who choose to call Kansas home.

Federal Bonding Program

This program incentivizes employers hiring individuals whose background can pose significant barriers to securing or retaining employment. Qualified employers may receive fidelity bonds for applicants who have been or may be denied coverage by commercial …

Foreign Labor Certification

The Foreign Labor Certification program qualifies employers to hire foreign or alien workers if unable to find qualified and available U.S. workers to fill vacancies.

Incumbent Worker Program

Build and maintain a quality workforce and increase your competitiveness. This work-based training program helps employers avert potential layoffs and increase the skill level of employees to create a solid workforce pipeline.

Kansas Industrial Retraining

This program is a job retention tool that helps employees of restructuring companies who are likely to be displaced because of obsolete or inadequate job skills and knowledge.

Kansas Industrial Training

This program assists companies involved in job creation in Kansas. Training can include subjects that provide knowledge and specific skills necessary for job entry including instruction on the company’s own production equipment on the plant …

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training allows businesses to train and retain skilled, productive employees. What we do is simple – we work with you to find new employees that you train – your way, on site. We even …

Registered Apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeship is a talent development model that combines actual work experience with classroom related instruction and produces a worker skilled in the occupation. Sponsoring a Registered Apprenticeship program develops employees to contribute to your …


RETAINWORKS is a free, grant-funded program focused on helping people whose lives have recently been disrupted because of an injury, illness, or worsening health problem. With early coordination of support and services, along with training, individuals …

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

This federal tax credit is available to employers who hire individuals from certain target groups who consistently face barriers to employment.

Workforce AID

This employer-led program is designed to help fill the skills gap by connecting industry with technical training providers and talent pool ready, willing and able to learn specific functions. Cost savings to the employer are …


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Resources for Businesses Experiencing Workforce Reductions

Access Rapid Response Resources

Rapid Response teams work with employers to quickly maximize public and private resources to minimize disruptions associated with job loss.

Provide Notice of Layoffs

The WARN Act requires advance notice to the Kansas Dislocated Worker Unit in cases of qualified plant closings and mass layoffs.